The passionate self-taught Photographer Jasmin Elmi was born 1986 in Bavaria and now lives in Hohenems, Austria. Her multicultural background influences her, bringing to her work a feeling of nostalgia blended with a cosmopolitan edge.

Her sensitive way of seeing people bare and beautiful, together with her subtle way of capturing emotions creates meaningful artwork that moves people.

Using the medium of photography to tell stories, create moments and reveal people and nature in its full bloom is her greatest endeavour. She uses her art as a voice of her soul, thoughts and illusions. The return to Analog Photography emphasizes the originality of her work in the focus of human, nude and nature photography.


Adwin Award, category: editorial, free work, 2015


Chroma 14 / Kästle Areal / Hohenems - Austria / 2014
Exposed - Exploring the roots / Gallery West / Vienna - Austria / 2015
Moments of Silence / The Ring Hotel / Vienna - Austria / 2015
Chroma 15 / Seifenfabrik / Lauterach - Austria / 2015
Photo 16 / Maag Hall / Zurich / 2016